We offer supply chain services, encompassing the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, compliance and logistics of commercial products. Offering a turn-key service including the co-ordination and collaboration with channel partners, which include suppliers, intermediaries and third-party service  providers, our scope has reached across Australasian and International companies for the past 15 years.



PCL Solutions provides an end-to-end service from sourcing, compliance, product development and quality control right through to shipping. We will tailor our services to your required needs based on specification of products, required legal product compliance based on your country, price ranges, shipping demands and forecasts.


Product sourcing and product development is our expertise. We manage all facets of the product, guiding you through the designs, spec requirements, compliance and manufacturing phases, ensuring the final product meets the design, quality, functionality and cost.

  • Create ELC Reports (Estimated Landed Cost Report) to determine margins

  • Negotiate pricing, MOQ’s (Minimum order quantities)

  • Assist with product design of labelling, proof sign-offs, CADS

  • Assist with product quality control measures

  • Assessing and identifying products on the required country legal standards to comply with legislation

  • Overseeing product tests at accredited labs

  • Assessing required test reports

  • Controlling risk, including review of control measures

  • Risk Assessments

  • Safety Data Sheets

  • Country licensing and registration via the chemical registrars

  • Labelling

  • Product Information Files (PIFS)

  • Import compliance

  • Storage, handling and distribution systems

Product Development
  • Concept development

  • Modification of an existing product which may include its’ presentation, content or design

  • New design/formulation of an entirely new product

  • Design drawings, specs

  • Product prototypes

  • Calculation of shipping/clearance costs

  • Determine duty/tax tariffs

  • Initial set-up of logistics to include shipping agent, customs broker, warehousing and distribution

  • Competitive pricing strategies to keep costs at their lowest

  • Management of shipments

  • Management of product forecasting (ongoing)



Licensed product brands FW1 and Parfum Klover are available for wholesale/retail distribution worldwide. Enquire for a comprehensive booklet and available countries.



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